Why is this Cow so Happy?

Because she knows that Happy Holstein is a great planting medium and soil builder that is also good for the environment.

  • Happy Holstein is versatile.  Happy Holstein will help you create the perfect foundation for your flower and vegetable beds.  It is great tool for promoting lawn health via topdressing or during new installations and it creates optimal soil conditions for newly planted trees and shrubs.  It’s perfect for container gardening too!
  • Happy Holstein is good for the environment.  Because Happy Holstein is a great alternative to traditional peat moss, which is often harvested from sensitive peatlands, Happy Holstein helps reduce the destruction of wildlife habitats. Also, according to a study by the University of Alberta, composting cow manure produces a third less greenhouse gases than the normal farm practice of stockpiling manure.
  • Happy Holstein helps dairy farmers.  American Dairy Farmers are faced with serious environmental issues associated with their manure management.  Lucky for us the manure produced on these dairy farms makes a great growing medium for plants and gardens.
  • Happy Holstein is free of weed seeds. Thanks to Happy Holstein’s accelerated composting process, which reaches temperatures above 154 F, we are able to offer you a product that is free of the weed seeds associated with traditional composted cow manure.
  • Happy Holstein offers the moisture retention power of Lassenite.  Long after the organic material in Happy Holstein has been appreciated, the Lassenite product will remain in the soil doing what it does best - holding water then releasing it to the plant as the soil around it begins to dry. These water retentive benefits allow you to water less frequently which is something that should make everyone happy.
 Happy Holstein Bag