Product Uses

Happy Holstein Composted Cow Manure has a variety of uses throughout your lawn and garden.  Use happy Holstein to:

  • Establish the perfect foundation for your flower and vegetable beds – Apply 1-2 inches of Happy Holstein to your beds and work into the top 6-8 inches of the soil.
  • Promote lawn health via topdressing – Aerify the area and then spread ½ inch of Happy Holstein evenly across your lawn.
  • Promote lawn health during new installations – Apply 1–2 inches of Happy Holstein over area and work into top 3-5 inches of the soil.
  • Create optimal soil conditions for newly planted trees and shrubs – After digging a hole for the plant, create a 50/50 mix with Happy Holstein and the displaced native soil.  Backfill with this mix.
Create the perfect potting soil – Create a mix with 80% Happy Holstein and 20% sand or native soil.  Watch for Happy Holstein potting soil coming soon!


 Happy Holstein Bag