The Power of Lassenite

To appreciate the power of Lassenite you have to go back over 26 million years ago when a volcanic eruption deposited ash into nearby freshwater lakes. These lakes contained large amounts of protozoa called diatoms, which possessed extremely porous and absorbent skeletons. Due to its freshwater origins, Lassenite does not contain the heavy salts found in other deposits and the final result is a product that allows for the efficient storage and movement of water.

We added Lassenite to our Happy Holstein Composted Cow Manure to make a great product even better.  By adding this water-retaining wonder we’ve created a product that:

  • Improves your soil’s ability to absorb and hold water.
  • Releases this much-needed water back to the plant when the soil begin to dry
  • Reduces watering frequency
  • Reduces soil compaction
Promotes deeper roots and increases the number of fine root hairs


Lassenite is kiln fired to increase hardness and make it more resistant to breakdown.  So long after the organic material in Happy Holstein has been appreciated, the Lassenite product will remain in the soil doing what it does best - holding water then releasing it to the plant as the soil around it begins to dry. It works so well that George Toma, a pro football Hall of Fame groundskeeper describes his experience with Lassenite as “Twice the root depth with half the water.”  And that’s something that should make you and your plants very happy.

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