A Cow with a Conscience

Providing a product that has a positive impact on the environment is at the core of our corporate mission. We are proud that Happy Holstein provides a variety of uses and benefits, while staying true to this eco-friendly cause.

Happy Holstein Reduces Greenhouse Gases
As dairy farms continue to grow larger and larger, dairy farmers face new issues, and often serious regulations, related to their manure management practices.  Stockpiling manure, which had become standard industry practice, is no longer an option for many farms due to concerns about the amount of methane gas produced.  By employing an active composting program, the amount of these greenhouse gases is naturally reduced.  A study from the University of Alberta reported that in controlled tests, manure that was composted produced one-third less methane than manure that was stockpiled.*

Happy Holstein Reduces Water Use
Saving the planet’s natural resources is a concern for us all.  Water is no exception.  In fact, many areas are now under serious watering restrictions to force people to curtail their day o day water use.  The organic matter in Happy Holstein composted cow manure naturally helps your soil retain water, and when you add the power of Lassenite to the mix, this product becomes a water-saving hero.

Happy Holstein Saves Native Peatlands

Happy Holstein composted Cow manure is a perfect substitute for peatmoss.  Although the debate rages on whether peatlands are renewable, the fact remains that these areas are often home to a variety of rare species that can be sensitive to these harvesting practices. As any experienced gardener will tell you, the benefits of peatmoss can easily be met and are often exceeded by other organic products, like composted cow manure, which is also far less expensive.  So why not go with the product that is truly renewable – and will save you some money too. 

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